Mass of Connections?

Initially I think of the internet as a huge mass of content – information to be sorted through to determine the good from the bad, the useful and the useless. I never really thought of it as a mass of connections. Could it be that communication – connecting with others is so obvious that I have overlooked it? It only takes a short internet outage or forgetting to bring my phone when I leave the house to get that naked feeling. I am out of touch, I am not connected. How can this be? How do I get it back? It is impossible to imagine getting through my work day without sending emails, google chat messages, connecting with my students by sending files back and forth, posting Instagram pictures to give parents a window into my classroom to see their children grow and learn. Would I be able to survive being overseas without Skype, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc to keep me connected with with the people that I care about at home and across the planet. I think not.

My Professional Learning Network – admittedly mostly face to face right now is a work in progress. I have difficulty making the time for my Twitter feed, Google+ is a mystery to me and I have no favorite blogs that I follow. It seems that My COETAIL learning journey is going to kick start my online PLN into high gear and I look forward to growing professionally as my network expands.

The internet is a mass of content. It is delivered by people connecting to other people and for me it is more about being a mass of connections than a a mass of content.

3 thoughts on “Mass of Connections?

  1. Hey Andrew,
    I too like looking at the internet as a source of mass connections. The idea that we have instant global access to ideas, opinions and knowledge is quite incredible. The thought of the world being able to share ideas is quite extraordinary. One hesitation I have with the mass of connections is the genuineness of the interactions. Would people ‘follow’ me because they are genuinely interested and want to learn or simply because they want to attract more people to them and ‘grow their numbers’. That is one of the advantages of face to face is that I can interpret their ‘genuineness’. I struggle with the facelessness, the nakedness of the online networks. Clearly, this will be one of the things I will work on throughout this course; learning how to build a meaningful network.

  2. I love how your thinking is changing already Andrew! Welcome to the CoETaIL programme – looking forward to getting to know you better throughout the coming 2 years!

  3. Let the ‘kick start’ begin! I remember feeling the same way. Just know that it will happen, schway-schway. Don’t expect to have everyone thing going right away. Just as it takes time to build new relationships when we arrive at a new school, it also takes time to find connections with a PLN spread out over the world. Try things out, know that you can delete and unfollow, and enjoy the journey.

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