Our Robot Unit Plan

Listening to the embedded youTube video below will help put you in the proper frame of mind to read about this Robot Unit.

I was very excited to get involved in a project with the lovely and talented Tara Ogle (@TaraOgle on Twitter). I feel like my ECE STEM classes could be kicked up a notch. Working on a project with an ECE art class and stretching the STEM to STEAM was a good way to accomplish this.  So when Tara tweeted an idea about a 3D Robotic art piece with LED lighting I was sold. We chose Grade One as the target for this unit.

This is a totally new unit. The kids have some prior knowledge with circuits. In KG2 we did a unit with the totally amazing Squishy Circuits. In this unit we made conductive and insulating dough and used batteries, wires and LED’s to make different configurations of a circuit. This new unit builds on that prior knowledge. Students create an artwork and build a circuit to light it up.

So what’s new about this unit? In addition to working together as a team with Tara we have also added some tech integration using SeeSaw and Chatterpix. Tara and I have both been struggling to find ways to integrate some of our school’s iLearning initiatives into our ECE classes and this has been a great way to do it. Thanks for the push COETAIL!

Hope you enjoy our unit!

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