High School ePortfolio – Beyond Expectations

The ePortfolio project presented in my youTube video below is the culmination of many months of planning, interviewing, iterating and reiterating, tweaking, fretting, learning, and teaching.  This project was a success due mostly to a great collaboration with fellow Coetailer Mavis and our use of Design Thinking to plan and develop the end product (which will certainly continue to change in the coming years). As I stated in the video, Mavis and I were able to combine our skills and understandings to come up with a product that meets the needs of our students, their parents, our teaching staff, High School administration and senior administration.

It was extremely gratifying that our project was a huge feature of You, Me, Community Day. This is arguably one of the most important community days where parents are invited to share and celebrate the learning of their child/children. The ePortfolio was the main tool used for high school students to share the learning for which they were most proud. By all accounts, it achieved its purpose in this respect with some room to grow in the coming years.

You, Me, Community Day Invite
Image courtesy of the American International School – Riyadh

The Design Thinking process was used for this project and it made the journey more interactive, exciting and successful. By gaining insight into the needs of our students and other stakeholders in speaking to them at multiple points during the creation of the ePortfolio we were able to create something that was designed with the end user in mind. I feel strongly that this has and will continue to have a huge impact on the overall success of implementation and continued use.

Image courtesy of Andrew White

Finally, I used this project to expand my learning with professional grade digital media creation tools. I had hoped to push my abilities beyond iMovie (which is a great product) to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. I also created custom graphics with Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to try something new by using a green screen effect in my video. I try to encourage the students and the teachers that I work with to be content producers and so I thought that I should practice what I preach. I learned a lot about the editing and creative process by watching or reading many tutorials (like this one for my title graphics, and this page to help me customize and reuse it). I also made lots of mistakes and I will be a lot more efficient the next time I create a video project. Although I probably spent much more time on this part of the project than I should have, I enjoyed every minute of it!


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