My Favorite Tech and STEM Books

Please enjoy a look at some of my favorite professional books geared toward tech and STEM education. The list will get bigger with time. The images are linked to Amazon kindle store if you would like to purchase and read the book for yourselves. If you have any books to suggest to me please leave a comment!

This book was recommended to me when I was at the iPad summit at the American Embassy School in Delhi India. It’s a great book that will get you motivated to introduce Maker concepts like tinkering and engineering into your classroom (or maybe into your own life). A great book for STEM teachers, Art teachers or any teacher that wants to integrate great problem solving activities into their classroom or organize a maker day at their school!


I love Zero to Maker because it introduced me to one man’s amazing initial journey into the Maker world. He joins a team building an Underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) searching for lost treasure. He also profiles many other makers/entrepreneurs who are using their tinkering, building and engineering skills to make a living for themselves. Take a look at Cut Brooklyn, where owner and founder Joel Bukiewicz designs and crafts kitchen cutlery. He is just one example of the many makers out there earning a living with the amazing skills that we need to encourage and harness in our students.